In My Own Skin

“I think it’s the exact opposite. I think those are the reasons I can do it.” Produced by Carmen Vincent Transcript for In My Own Skin I was born in Texarkana in Texas. It’s a city near where Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana come together. And then when I was two we moved to Northwest […]

Green Light to Go Out of Town

“Did you want to take a stand… or was it just an inevitability, ‘Man, we can’t stay here any longer?’” Transcript for Green Light to Go Out of Town It didn’t take a lot of, “Let’s sit down and have a Ward Cleaver moment with Beaver, you know, and tell him what’s going on in […]

Living with Mental Illness

“We should all be allies to each other for mental health, and for everything else.” Produced by Carmen Vincent Transcript for Living with Mental Illness When people say bad things about you, it’s sometimes hard to let them go, especially when you have anxiety and depression. So I was born in Texarkana in Texas, and […]


“Just leave me alone. I’ll leave you alone. We’ll be good.” Transcript for Fences Ok, what I think makes a good neighbor is fences. That’s what I think makes a good neighbor, and that sounds mean to say that, but when I was living in Portage, one of my neighbors wanted to put up a […]

Getting Rich for My Blood

“It’s just changed. It’s a bigger town feeling than it used to be.” Edited by Rich Elliott. Transcript for Getting Rich for My Blood Living in Valpo’s been great. My kids were able to roam the city and skateboard and rollerblade, and they were active in school. So, community-wise it’s been a real positive experience. […]

But I’m Still Here

“The doctor…made a comment, ‘Oh, the girl doesn’t have a chance.’” This is part one of a two-part story. Transcript for But I’m Still Here This goes way back to before the Emancipation Proclamation. My grandfather’s father was born in Virginia, and he knew about sea plants and what you could eat and what you […]

Making Enemies

“People are so afraid of change.” Edited by Rebecca Werner. Transcript for Title of Story If you want to talk about making enemies, I could tell you that I did a lot of zoning work, land use work. From 1965-1990, I was the man in Porter County that you’d talk to if you wanted to […]