Never Felt Pressured to Wear It

“I don’t always like to make my identity so easy for people.” Welcome Project at Valparaiso University · Never Felt Pressured To Wear It Edited by Rebecca Werner Transcript for Never Felt Pressured to Wear It When I was younger I started school at a Islamic private school: Annoor Academy, which was in Knoxville, Tennessee. […]

Connective Tissue

“…that was fascinating, having a process where I feel I really met those actors and that creative team and really shared something with them. But I’ve never met them in real life.” Welcome Project at Valparaiso University · Connective Tissue The Coronavirus pandemic has clearly thrown up barriers to our ability to gather physically together, […]

War Zone

“…there’s a legacy around the capacity to stand one’s own ground and say, ‘No, this is who we are. And this is what we stand for. And this is what we can do.’” Welcome Project at Valparaiso University · War Zone This interview was recorded using Zoom. Transcript for War Zone I grew up in […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

“That duality of culture…” Nicole Martinez-LeGrand, Multicultural Collections Coordinator, Library and Archives Division, Indiana Historical Society. Transcript for Our Lady of Guadalupe Church I feel like the Irish or the Eastern European, like, Slovaks, the Croatian, the Hungarians – they all have their own churches. And so, the Mexicans had their own church, and it […]

Pick Up That Slack

“The tradition of the mutual aid society dates all the way back to the earliest days of the Mexican colonies in Indiana Harbor and Gary, Indiana.” Historian Emiliano Aguilar, doctoral student Northwestern University Transcript for Pick Up That Slack TITLE CARD: In 1956, two groups, the Benito Juarez Society and the Cuauhtemoc Society, merged to […]

Just Got the Impression

“All they saw was the violence. They did not see the peace. They did not see the change.” Transcript for Just Got the Impression I grew up in the Tolleston area of Gary which was, at the time, very Germanic and some Polish. I went to St. John’s Lutheran Church which was the first church […]

Battle Scars

“To see somebody else struggling and to be able to lend a hand or lend an ear—that’s living a diaconal life.” Produced by Rebecca Werner. Transcript for Battle Scars I wanted to be a twenty-year man more than anything in this world. However, you get battle scars as you go along. I do have all […]

Praying Hands

“I remember watching this church being built.” – Mrs. Felicia Rhetta Childress, confirmed in St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in 1955. Produced by Perry Lerit. Transcript for Praying Hands I remember the people in St. Augustine’s [St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Gary, Indiana]. Flossie Alexander, and we called them Flossie and Fritz because the two of […]

This Whole Grace Thing Rocks

“Like I really enjoy this life thing, so I want to give it a shot, and part of that is accepting who I am.” Produced by Courtney Earl. Transcript for This Whole Grace Thing Rocks So I knew that I liked guys and girls when I was like thirteen. I was like this is really […]