Still Working on the Revolution

“You’ve given status to people who would ordinarily not have it…thus giving them power and ability to make change.” Rev. Dr. Gregory Jones Edited by Rebecca Werner Transcript for Still Working on the Revolution I moved to Valpo in 1988. I met Walt Reiner maybe a year before. I was running something called the South […]

No Interest in Seeing Our City Progress

“Why don’t you come to Gary and see what Gary really is?” Transcript for No Interest in Seeing Our City Progress You know—city services are based on tax revenue and if you don’t have enough people who are paying into that tax base, then of course, you can’t provide the level of service that you […]

Double Whammy

“Now, we talked about the white flight; we didn’t talk about what really made it worse in Gary.” Double Whammy is part of our Flight Paths initiative. Double Whammy So the white flight in Gary—there are differing viewpoints as to what caused that and what fueled it. And I think the popular one, primarily by […]

Settlement House

“If you could make it through the wobbles and the buckles in the floor at the Neighborhood House, you could skate anywhere.” This is an audio excerpt from Just What a Neighbor Does. To see the full video, click here. Transcript for Settlement House So, I grew up in a working class neighborhood on the […]

Racism Is a Disease

“Until you change inside, all the laws you can pass ain’t gonna do a bit of good.” Produced by Emmanuel Higgins for Flight Paths. Thanks to Mr. Allison for sharing this story.   Transcript for Racism Is a Disease I grew up right here in Gary. I was born here in 1938. Gary used to […]


“They came in their covered wagon to Merrillville…”   Transcript for Homestead Well, I just did my DNA thing, and it’s basically Western European. That’s traced back to 212 AD. This is the family history; this is the oldest house – my great grandparents. It was homestead in 1852. He came from Erie, Pennsylvania. He […]


“Their own coverage began to contribute to what was going on in Gary.” This story is part of our Flight Paths initiative. Produced by Willow Walsh for the Welcome Project. Transcript for Drumbeat The newspaper did a whole project looking at race. The executive editor at the time, Ilene Brown, decided to take one year […]

Iron Curtain

“You know, growing up, race was never discussed… There were no signs: ‘Whites only,’ ‘Blacks only.’” This story is part of our Flight Paths initiative. To find more stories from Flight Paths, click here. It was produced by Rebecca Werner for the Welcome Project. Transcript for Iron Curtain In my neighborhood, in Glen Park, nobody […]

We Can’t Ignore It

“If Gary doesn’t thrive, the rest of the area doesn’t thrive.” This story is part of our Flight Paths initiative. Hold a Conversation Can you imagine leading a conversation about this story? Where? With whom? What kinds of questions would you pose? (See How to use the questions for reflection for one approach.) Please email your […]