To Germany and Back

“It really makes you a woman and makes you responsible.” Edited by Nick Ladeau. Transcript for To Germany and Back I graduated from Froebel High School, and my intention was not to go anyplace. I wanted to go to school. And I wanted to be a teacher. And my husband then because we were, after […]

Valpo Fit the Bill

“The premise of the academic environment made it worth considering.” Welcome Project at Valparaiso University · Valpo Fit The Bill Transcript for Valpo Fit the Bill I had competed for the military service academies, and I had a stack of scholarship offers all across the United States as a National Merit Scholar, but I also […]

Connective Tissue

“…that was fascinating, having a process where I feel I really met those actors and that creative team and really shared something with them. But I’ve never met them in real life.” Welcome Project at Valparaiso University · Connective Tissue The Coronavirus pandemic has clearly thrown up barriers to our ability to gather physically together, […]

Part 3: Get Out into the World

“Marine Corps was a decision based on my desire to want to provide for my family.” Part 3 of an oral history story from an interview with Mayor Jerome Prince, Gary, Indiana. You can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 4 here. Transcript for Get Out into the World The best or […]

Military Vibe

“You realize the strength of your mind…just by convincing yourself of how strong you are.” Edited by Thu Nguyen. Transcript for Military Vibe When I was in high school, there was a group of recruiters that came to school and there was one from every branch and I just remember the soldier that was there […]

More Than a Way Out

“Like a priest to a church, I wanna do my part…I want to serve my country.” Produced by Perry Lerit. Transcript for More Than a Way Out I went into the army at the age of 17. I was still in high school when I signed up, they would have a delayed entry program. So, […]

Battle Scars

“To see somebody else struggling and to be able to lend a hand or lend an ear—that’s living a diaconal life.” Produced by Rebecca Werner. Transcript for Battle Scars I wanted to be a twenty-year man more than anything in this world. However, you get battle scars as you go along. I do have all […]


“‘Dad’s going to play Army.’ That’s what they would say.” Produced by Rebecca Werner. Transcript for Lineage My impression of the military probably comes from my family. Members of the family have been in every major conflict since, like, almost the beginning. My dad, most recently, was a Vietnam veteran before he passed away. My […]

Defining Moment

“I had a mother tell me, ‘Bring my boy home safe.’” Produced by Rebecca Werner. Transcript for Defining Moment At the time that 9/11 kicked off, I was working as a civilian police officer. Like the rest of the country, that impacted me greatly. Just getting my mind wrapped around that, “Wow, we’ve been attacked.” […]