Fascinated by the Steelmills

“It was really something, it was kind of like the movies!” Edited by Welcome Project Intern Ella Speckhard Transcript for Fascinated by the Steelmills When I was a kid, we heard the mills, we could see the sky light up because it was a different process then. It was a lot of open flames and […]

The Concerned Latins Organization

“And they really—under the umbrella of education, housing, and employment—try to confront a lot of the discrimination and issues that the community has faced in the region.” Historian Emiliano Aguilar, doctoral student Northwestern University Transcript for The Concerned Latins Organization One: The Introduction of Latinx Communities to Northwest Indiana I think one of the most […]

Block and Pennsy

“These communities have been erased.” Nicole Martinez-LeGrand, Multicultural Collections Coordinator, Library and Archives Division, Indiana Historical Society. Transcript for Block and Pennsy In the 1920s you have this curious, fabulous mix of people from all different backgrounds – middle class, low class – all coming and mixing in the confines of Block and Pennsy. […]

Not Newcomers

“The Latinx communities have been instrumental both as workers, as community members, as beacons of cultural institutions.” Historian Emiliano Aguilar, doctoral student Northwestern University Transcript for Not Newcomers I think one of the most important things to know about the Latinx communities in Northwest Indiana is that these are not newcomers. This is not a […]

How We Ended Up Coming to Gary

“It was the dirtiest place in the mill. But I guess they made a decent salary. So he encouraged my father to leave Florida and move to Gary.” Transcript for In My Own Skin We grew up in the neighborhood that was near Pulaski School. My grandfather lived in the neighborhood. He didn’t live on […]

Bethlehem Gave Up the Ghost

“We saw the writing on the wall, we knew it was coming.” Produced by Rich Elliott. Transcript for Bethlehem Gave Up the Ghost Bethlehem Steel’s a conglomeration of other steel plants that were merged or brought in from other areas. And it was all back east—you had Maryland, you had New York, you had Pennsylvania. […]

I Was All Over That Mill

“I got to watch that. This was big for me. It was something that I just dearly loved…” Produced by Rich Elliott. Transcript for I Was All Over That Mill Bethlehem Steel had just opened up this whole new steel mill just a few miles away, and I always wanted to get into the engineering […]

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

“The guy who was over the department…said that I might have some problems because they had never had anybody black in the office.” Transcript for Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained When I graduated from high school, I got a job working for a realtor in Gary on 19th and Broadway. And while I was working there, […]