Barging in with Our Rainbow Flag

“He said, ‘The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality; it’s holiness.'”

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Transcript for Barging in with Our Rainbow Flag

Freshman and Sophomore year, it was a lot of Theater and Alliance. I was actually like secretary for them for awhile. It was completely different than what it is now. We are trying to fight really, really hard to get people to come. Now it’s completely different because the freshman class is so active, and they have so much enthusiasm for it.

Two things happened in my freshman year, maybe three, three things happened that I specifically remember very vividly. One we had chalked for one of our events and it had rained that night and we… usually you check the weather, but I am certain that it was just like, it was a really strong rain versus than a little sprinkle. One of the religious groups on campus told some of us that God didn’t want the event to go on and that’s why the rain poured.

Another thing, we used to have these cartoons on campus, and they’re like, “If you’re feeling sad…,” “If you’re feeling angry…” and one of them was about homophobia, and at the end it talked about how you had to change the person who was gay or else they’re going to hell, and they had this cartoon thing of how… They were spread everywhere, on every building on campus, and Alliance would take them and throw them away, which I’m certain probably wasn’t the best thing, but they just kept like materializing, like the other groups on campus were putting them on versus alliance throwing them away.

And then I remember CRU had brought in a theologian and he came in and he was an ex-gay. So he had been gay, but had prayed it away, and brought him to campus and it was a big to-do. I remember barging in with Alliance with our rainbow flag and there was a lot of other people who were there and he was pretty… He said, “The opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality; it’s holiness.” So that’s what happened freshman year and to like completely contrast that this year, a theologian was brought in, and he came, and he was, he’s an ally. He was talking about how you can, here are all the things about the Bible that you can use as an ally or LGBTQ, other parts of it, to really help you understand that the Bible doesn’t say anything against it.