Of Course – She Was My Roommate

“You have to embrace the differences because it helps you realize who you are and who you’re not, who you don’t wanna be or who you do wanna be.”

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Transcript for Of Course–She Was My Roommate

When you come to college, it’s inevitable that you will meet people different than you. Meet people who just have different morals, different experiences that have shaped who they are and what they do.

My freshman roommate was unlike any other. She just liked to walk around naked, and she would often say, “Oh my gosh, Mollie thank God I’m roommates with you and not somebody else who would’ve think this was really weird.”

And I’d be like, “I do think this is weird. I don’t know why you keep doing this.”

But, like, we would have friends over, like girl friends over, and she would be naked in her bed. She didn’t find anything wrong with that. I guess when you’re comfortable with yourself that’s all great, but you have to take in consideration the other people around you. Like, she did a lot of things I didn’t agree with, um, drugs. She drank a lot. She had boys stay over in our room a lot.

Even though she was not the perfect person, kind of comparable, there were things that we did get along on. Like we liked the same classic Disney movies, and we would watch Halloweentown when it was not Halloween. So, there were like great things like that that bonded us together.

There was a time, that she thought that she might be pregnant, and she like opened up and I was the only person she had told. She had made an appointment to go find out if it was true, like if it was actually happening, and she wanted me to go with her. And of course I was going to with her. She was my roommate. She like… there is a certain bond there with your freshman roommate.

She decided that it was a good idea to smoke weed in her… in her dorm room. The cops got called. She got arrested. Eventually, she got out. She decided that it was also a good idea to steal from a store while she’s on probation, and she got arrested, yet again. She was in jail through finals week, um, but her mother pulled her from school decided she wasn’t going to pay for her daughter to mess around here at a, at a very expensive university.

Actually, really a shame because she, she was really smart when she applied herself. It’s just that took the second, or the back seat to being young and careless and partying. She was almost self-destructive in a way because she was smart enough to know better, but she did it anyway.

Through my freshman roommate I realized that I did not want to be one of those crazy college girls. Through her I realized that. In a way you have to embrace the differences because it for one helps you realize who you are and who you’re not, who you don’t wanna be or who you do wanna be because when you come to college there is still a lot of learning to do about yourself.