Because I Changed My Style

“I used to be a stereotypical girl.”

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Transcript for Because I Changed My Style

People were a little bit different. They, they seemed a little bit different. For example, over, over, first I came here, and then stranger, or, or, walked over to me and say hello or smile, and I’ll be like, “Do I know this person? I don’t remember this person.”

There are some moments when you think that you don’t really belong because, uh, you feel lonely. I would say maybe like this year is kinda a little bit, um, because, uh, I felt like people got a little bit judgmental about me because I changed my style.

I used to have like a, like, stereotypical girl, like long hair. I used to wear, uh, like put makeup. Uh, sometimes I would dress like skirts or a dress. Like now I just cut my hair, and, uh, wear whatever is comfortable to me.

Some people like I know they started to kinda distancing themselves from me. Some don’t say hello anymore, but it’s fine. I don’t need shallow friends anyways. Um, and like if I see a new people, like sometimes I see in their eyes that they are hesitant to talk to me at first place. Um, but I mean I didn’t change, and I have my friends who accept me even though, um, uh, I didn’t tell them I’m thinking that I’m gay, but they don’t care. Um, my best friend knows. Um, I told my mom, but she’s kinda, um, about this question. Yesterday, I told my brother. He was like, “Oh I kinda knew.” So that’s good.

The perception of people, uh, like, I observe, uh, uh, usually I observe people. I have kinda, kind of a fear going back home. I think I won’t be able to be out, um, because as I said my family’s a little bit liberal, so, but I don’t know about others, and, uh, as far as you know people like to stick their nose to your business.

The, my concern is that I won’t be able to reach out other people like me, but still I’m hoping, optimistic, and uh, yeah I will get, uh, I think I will try to, uh, look for search, see maybe. Who knows? I don’t know.