“They came in their covered wagon to Merrillville…”


Transcript for Homestead

Well, I just did my DNA thing, and it’s basically Western European. That’s traced back to 212 AD. This is the family history; this is the oldest house – my great grandparents. It was homestead in 1852. He came from Erie, Pennsylvania. He had four children and his wife died at the birth of his youngest one. So he remarried a lady and they came in their covered wagon to Merrillville, but I have no idea why they wanted to stop here. This house has been in three towns and we’ve never moved. When they came it was Ross. Let’s see, then it become Crown Point – of course, that was before me. When I was born, it was Crown Point. And then Griffith had a big fuss about it. They wanted to have a rural route, so we were Route 2 Griffith. And when Merrillville became incorporated, we became Merrillville. And that would have been the 1970s? Seventy, I think, maybe… seventy-two.

I can’t take something that’s a hundred years old and just throw it away, you know. Somebody else can.