A Comfort Thing

“Almost just the thought of going to that event not knowing anyone terrifies the crap out of me.”


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Transcript for A Comfort Thing

I don’t think diversity is necessarily restricted to, you know, race or color or anything like that. I think it’s more personality and, you know, you as an individual person. Like it’s not something that can be just put in a box somewhere and, you know, set in the corner or on the shelf or whatever. Like, it’s a lot more than race, and color, and religion, and gender, and all that stuff: it’s a lot more than that.

Cultural differences is definitely a barrier here at school. I mean, it’s a barrier anywhere you go. You know, even if, you know, someone is very outgoing and outspoken, you know, to those people, I mean, they’re still going to, you know, struggle with some stuff internally, like, as they’re doing it, or after they do, it or before they do it. Like, you’ll obviously have to work up the courage to, you know, say something, or whatever.

All of the international events here at school are definitely—I mean, they’re open to everyone, but I think in respecting them, I would only necessarily attend if I was specifically invited. Like, I mean I know they put out invitations to the school or whatever, but I mean like, if I knew someone personally who was in the organization or, you know, helped put it on or was going because they wanted to or like, I mean, if someone invited me to go with them, you know, I would definitely say, ‘Yeah, let’s go.’ Like, ‘When is it?’ You know? Get the details and stuff, but like, I probably wouldn’t go just because. I know the option is always there, like, you know obviously because they put out invitations and stuff, but like… I think I would only attend if someone I knew invited me. It probably is a comfort thing. I mean, my anxieties are out of this world, so I think that just the thought—almost just, almost just the thought of, you know, going to that event not knowing anyone terrifies the crap out of me.