Afraid of These Things

“Maybe I will be rude to their religions.”

Hold a Conversation

Can you imagine leading a conversation about this story? Where? With whom? What kinds of questions would you pose? (See How to use the questions for reflection for one approach.) Please email your questions to us or post them in the comment box for our consideration. If you use them in an actual discussion, let us know how the conversation went.

Transcript for Afraid of These Things

After class maybe we have chance to go out to go to the restaurant and grab something to eat and just made me feel comfortable. I and my classmates are Chinese students, and, uh, the most students are Indian and, who live in the Middle East. Some Indian students already working, working in, in campus, but I have chance I would like to work with him, work with my classmates. It’s very easy and just like chit chat. They have invited me to their home to have dinner. They are friends.

I feel, I feel happy because some French students invite me to their house, but I didn’t come to their house because I don’t want to, to make trouble to him. I don’t want to bother them. And also, they are French students some culture, and some of, some of the Indian culture I don’t know, know well like, um, they, they don’t eat beef because they think the cow, the ox, are sacred as holy for some religion it was maybe. I don’t know it well. Maybe I will be rude to their religions. I am afraid of these things. I’m concerned about this. So, I didn’t came to their house. They said, “Okay if you have time I always welcome you to come to my home.”