I Told Them How I Felt

“It made me feel loved that they were so willing to change.”

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Transcript for I Told Them How I Felt

There was a time when I felt like I didn’t belong when my friends went out to the movies to see ‘Magic Mike’ and I wasn’t invited because they thought it would be, I would be uncomfortable watching a show about men stripping while they love it. Just because I’m bisexual doesn’t mean I only enjoy women. I still enjoy men. I definitely talked to them about it and I told them how I felt and that they could still include me into things and they didn’t realize what they had done had hurt me so bad. It was completely okay, I accepted their apology. They have started including me in more things. We go to a club to Chicago on some weekends and they don’t think it’s weird when I start dancing with a guy. It made me feel loved that they were so willing to change. My mom and I did not get along too well because after she found out I am bisexual she thought that every girl I hung out with was a girl that I was dating and I was never allowed to leave the house without her and I was never allowed to have friends over who were girls. Going from a non-changing family at home to an atmosphere where people who barely even knew me at the moment were so willing to be my friend and be accepting of it.